MadeInAdd is born, a strategic partnership between CDP Venture Capital Sgr, MIMETE and PUNCH Torino

Turin / Monza e Brianza / Rome, September 28, 2022. CDP Venture Capital, MIMETE and PUNCH Torino, announce a strategic partnership for the additive manufacturing market worth a total of €19.4

Nitrogen atomization now available at MIMETE plant

Since the very beginning, the MIMETE manufacturing facility was built in order to process both Argon and Nitrogen gases. The first phase of plant design started with Argon. Now we

MIMETE releases new iron-base powders MARS F51 & MARS F53 for demanding applications

MIMETE Srl proudly announces the newest powders from the iron-base family: standard Duplex MARS F51 and Super-duplex MARS F53. During the first months of its activity, MIMETE focused on the

Experimental methods to detect metal powder contamination

In Additive Manufacturing, the production steps from metal powder to final components are very few. This is why, the quality of raw material must be constantly monitored. Especially for high

Effect of shape and testing method on particle size distribution of metal powders

Additive Manufacturing is still a young technology. At this stage, one of the main problems is to define a common language for standards. Although the quality of the metallic powders

Update – FOMAS Group supply chain status COVID-19

In compliance with Italian’s Government Decree of the 22nd of March and following Integration of 10th of April 2020 related to COVID-19, all production facilities excluding “essential” supply chains have


In this dramatic moment of global health emergency, FOMAS Group has chosen to support those fighting against the COVID 19 virus at the forefront with a concrete gesture. FOMAS has

CORONAVIRUS – no critical issues for FOMAS Group supply chain

With reference to the Decree N°59 of the 8th of March 2020 regarding the restrictions of access and travel to/from Northern Italy, we would like to reassure our Customers that

How to boost plastic injection moulds performance through metal powders and LPB/SLM process optimization

Additive manufacturing is revealing a highly valuable technology also for plastic injection moulds market. The higher benefit is related to a better design of cooling channels, more numerous and closer

MIMETE @ TCT Show, Birmingham, UK

For how long metal powders can be used? And how their technological properties change under different atmosphere conditions? 24th September, 2.30 pm, MIMETE’s MD Valentina Vicario will address these topics.