Atomizing Equipment

  • Design based on decades of experience on VIM plants and atomizing process and equipment
  • Able to operate at higher temperatures than standard gas atomizers, suitable for high-melting point and refractory alloys
  • High-vacuum pumps for minimum content of oxygen and residuals
  • Special nozzles dedicated to specific alloys and particle sizes
  • Developed for maximum FLEXIBILITY

Post processing

Handling facilities
Flexible semi-automatic handling device, able to manage different storage units and perform a variety of movements.
Sieving facilities
State of the art multi-frequency sieving devices with extended screening area and high volume sieving capacity. Different working meshes down to a few microns, the latest in terms of cutting-edge technology.
Blending facilities
Square edge blender, able to obtain mix and homogenized powder. Essential to fulfill customers requirements to supply large batches. Max capacity: 2 tons.
Packaging facilities
High capacity semi-automatic dosing machine: its parameters can be set to fill different bottle types. Process control thanks to high precision scales. Operating parameters monitored and recorded for each product.
All machines have internal stainless steel mirror polished surfaces and work under inert gas, preventing any risk of contamination. The isolation of each process from the others and the strict clean-down regimes ensure that we maintain the integrity of every customers’ material, every time.
In accordance with Industry 4.0 all machines are controlled by PLC panels for powder process route integration and maximum control for traceability.

All the equipment used for powder production and characterization have the technical and scientific characteristics to be included in the European plan named “Industry 4.0”. In fact their functioning is controlled by computer systems and the most complex equipment are able to control the working conditions and the process parameters through proper sensors, applying an adaptive behaviour to the process deviations. Moreover all processing machines and laboratory instruments include a simple and intuitive human-machine interface in accordance with ISO law and meet the latest safety, health and hygiene at work standards.

Every step of the process is fully monitored and traced through the latest software application, able to record, model, supervise and control. Each bottle of MIMETE powder is individually identified and it is possible to know which raw material and consumable batch, which operator, which piece of equipment has been used to produce it. These features make our quality system compliant with most demanding applications, as for aerospace and biomedical sectors.