Enhanced powders to achieve higher performances
Product range
Gas atomized powders of iron, nickel and cobalt base alloys.
Product quality

  • Spherical powders
  • Optimal flowability
  • Particle size distribution tailored for additive applications or other processes

Sales & distribution
Based in northern Italy, we also have a worldwide presence thanks to our FOMAS Group network
State of the art technology

  • Vacuum induction melting and inert gas atomization ensuring the highest purity and sphericity of the powder
  • Complete inerted post processing
  • Fully equipped in-house Laboratory

Added Value Service for Customers

  • Alloy design, development and production in deep partnership with customers
  • Technical support on new applications and critical topics
  • Advanced laboratory testing

Highest standard protection to ensure health, safety & environment
Mimete’s plant has been specifically designed to serve the additive market


A journey started in 1956 brings us today to produce the ultimate state of metals: powders. Since the beginning, FOMAS Group has been widely recognized as one of the finest forge-masters in the world. From forging the solid metal, to melting it through the Electro Slag Remelting plant, we are now managing metal powders, conquering the final step: metal in all its states. The deep and thorough metallurgical know-how is the legacy on which Mimete begins its new journey, where metal powders are the essence. By reaching the core of metallurgy, we really are at the hearth of the process, where nothing further is beyond. The knowledge acquired in this field has laid the grounds for the creation of MIMETE S.R.L..


We are not just a simple supplier: with over 60 years of experience, we know that the real aim is to achieve a solid partnership with our customers. Through co-design solutions we stand out from the others: by working in close relationship with customers, we achieve a level of understanding of the final application. This process enables us to develop the perfect combination of properties and therefore produce the most performing metal powder available on the market.

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